To better serve you, we have added a section with the most common shapes for kitchen counter tops, please look over the shapes and simply email us with measurements of your current cabinets or counter tops. We understand is not to scale, but this way we can provide you with a quick estimate for your project.

If the shape of your current project is not in here, do not worry, just do the best that you can to describe the shape on an email, after all, a final and more accurate measurement will be taken on site.

When filling up the form for a quick estimate, the only additional information we need is:

  1. What kind of sink would you like us to install? Under mount, top mount, vessel, farmer or apron sink.

  2. Would you like us to provide you with a sink?

  3. Do you need us to remove and dispose of old counter tops?

  4. Do you need to have the faucets, drains etc. to be re-connected?

  5. Also if any of the counter pieces need to be polished on the 4 sides.

Please feel free to call us at 403-539-1510, or text your drawing to 403-690-0714 and we will be more than happy to help you.

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